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Botanica Large Candle

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This extra-large double-wick candle is the over-achiever of our candle line. Natural smelling scents that transform any environment into a cozy spa. The heavy amber glass reflects the flames beautifully as they burn and the smell is strong enough to fill a room but subtle enough to not overwhelm. The heavy matte cardboard box with its beautiful color is perfect for gifting. 

Ranier: Wild fern, lupine, and lavender, fresh moss...smells mildly floral with undertones of fresh air and slightly masculine energy

Nirvana: Sandalwood, vetiver, and Darjeeling tea....smells a little woodsy with a bit of spice and a hint of citrus. If. meditation had a smell, this would be it.

Grove: Blood orange, pink pomelo, and sea salt, lemon verbena...smells like a sophisticated, juicy citrus happiness in a glass.

Canopy: Teakwood, moss, eucalyptus, and water lily...smells like the Amazonian rainforest... the perfect balance of a rounded-out, deep-woods fragrance.

*Certified Organic

14.5 oz soy candle

Made in USA

70 hour burn time