Horticulture Design Co. is the love child of Becky Devlin, previous owner of floral design studio Roost Flowers and Virginia flower farm Back Bay Flower Co. 

Becky's love for flowers and plants started after her grandmother shared her gardening hobby and Becky decided she needed to grow every flower that existed. Armed with a book about starting flowers from seed, Becky proceeded to start a massive flower garden. The seeds grew and the flowers bloomed and Roost Flowers was born.

After 14 years of designing flowers and sharing her obsession with plants and her love of beautifully crafted goods, Becky has combined her passions into the awesomeness that is now HortiCulture Design Co. 



My obsession with flowers and plants began on my first flower farm on family land in Belle Haven on the eastern shore. I grew over 30 varieties of flowers and sold them as bouquets and bunches at a little stand at La Promenade Shoppes in Virginia Beach. My regulars were amazing and eventually started asking for arrangements and wedding flowers.

As I added more kiddos to my crew (I have 4 amazing humans) my time got tighter and we bought land in Pungo so I could farm without the commute. I added chickens to my crazy growing operation along with doubling production to over 60 varieties of flowers. I sold to local florists and stores and was the first flower farmer at Old Beach Farmer's Market in their first year.

As the wedding requests increased I decided to downsize my growing operation and open a shop. I opened a little shop in the ViBe (before it was the ViBe...aaaaaand was one of the original group of shop owners that started what we then called First Friday ViBe before it actually became an entire arts district) called Roost Flowers.

With 100's of weddings under my belt, an unending desire to have every plant that exists, and a healthy obsession with beautiful products that make life a little better...I have created HortiCulture Design Co. and I can't wait to share it with you.

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